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We have chosen not to produce in quantity, but in quality.
All breeding adults were imported (about 30 in total). We are bringing as much as possible new blood to France, thanks to international breeders. We absolutely want to respect the lines / pedigrees, the conformations, and the destination of our foals.


- The GAITED is made on real gaited lines.
- The CLASSIC comes from breeders of lines that have proven themselves in the United States (Dressage American Champion 2002 and Full Vice Champion 2001).
- The PONEY on a maximum percentage of CURLY blood, JAK is the only one in France to be able to propose a 100% stallion.
- CROSSINGS, only with horses of quality pedigrees, such as our Landes pony and our paint horse (from the world champion cutting reining).



Foaling package 250 € incl. taxes + the pension.
Convalescence (according to the pathology) on estimate, according to the needs.


Mare and her foal of the year

Size   Per day Per month
<130cm PRE 14 € 280 €
<130cm PRE/BOX 18 € 360 €
>130cm PRE 11 € 220 €
>130cm PRE/BOX 14 € 280 €


Pension (Mare alone). For box, outings from 4h to 6h included.

Size   Per day Per month
<130cm PRE 12 € 260 €
<130cm PRE/BOX 16 € 340 €
>130cm PRE 9 € 190 €
>130cm PRE/BOX 12 €

260 €


For "very little pony", contact us according to the place here !

1/2 pension (4days / week): Horse <130cm: 130 € / Pony> 130cm: 110 €.

All our prices are VAT included.

Food on the owner responsability.



- Transport of horses all breeds up to 4 horses (truck + van)
- Reception at the different European airports
- Administrative management on arrival
- Forwarding contacts
- Horses insured by the care of the owner.


Transport truck VL, travel head back and van 2 places, both equipped with camera, saddlery and 1 place for acompaniment.
Transport done in compliance with the regulations on protection and animal health, made by Aline Verschuren or Jeroen Verschuren, Veterinary Dr.
Conveyor and vehicles approved by the veterinary services, international accreditation CAPTAV (Certificate of Aptitude for the Transport of Lived Animals).


JAK sales are all concluded by a contract in the rules. As each story is unique, our contracts are personalized based on horses and requests.
In addition to a sales contract, we offer a booking contract with contribution of 20% of the price of the horse, valid for a maximum duration of 2 months, except exception stipulated in the said contract, non refundable at maturity of 2 months .



Contact us here !