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Gender : Male Birth date : 24 juin 1996 (22 Years) Place of birth : USA Jefferson Final size : 160 cm Pedigree : Learn more SIRE : 60022469K Performance ICAMS : 80% Others :

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ABC HB : 243PHR : POOO 4135ACHA : 99 00077

ABC : PB243 1/2

AWR : 1ST PREMIUM : 84040600130096054

Has been approved “FIRST PREMIUM STALLION”

and approved as a "improver race" with the AWR and SCI. 

*SPLASHES doesn't just produce top quality offspring
he produces “PREMIUM FOALS”. 
Offspring must have the name “SPLASHES” or “SPLASH”
in their official titles. We reserve the right to select which
mares he shall breed with, especially those of mixed bloodlines.
His offspring show refinement of the mares characteristics

lighter build but strong and always curly.


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Was awarded First Premium by AWR and CSI 

Originally from BASHCURL FARM, Jefferson, USA. 
Arab bloodlines from his father *Spartacus Curly ABC 237. US champion too!
American thoroughbred from his mother, Just Like Barb 7621010JC.


An athlete with a soft and friendly character. 
With a kind and honest temperament, he makes a very pleasant sports horse. He enjoys his work.
Good movement, airy paces and a well put together athletic gentleman. 
He keeps a nice rhythm and his gentle on the reins. 

He is a powerful horse with a strong neck and hindquarters which show in his bouncy canter paces, 
very well balanced. Matches well with mares who lack a little strength. 

He’s best matched with mares who lack a little energy and flowing movement. 

His foals are always well balanced and committed to their work. 
They are well suited to dressage and jumping, and show real assets to making good sports horses. 
They move with flexibility, energy and powerful paces. 
His offspring show natural all round talent, forward going, comfortable and well balanced to ride.

He carries a gene that gives skewbald offspring with an all over grey appearance
it is very interesting. 80% chance he will transmit grey skewbald and 20% chance of solid colours. 
His offspring have also been; black, grey, bay. He carries the dominant skewbald and curly gene. 
He is the only stallion to be registered with 6 American horse societies.

He has been elected as a “race improver” – recognised for improving the bloodlines of the Curly horse.


Begining in 2000, 2 full years at U.S. national level 1 and 2. Honorably placed. 
Alas, in 2002 he was injured during a projection. Suffereing an open fracture to his right knee. 18 months after his accident he started a new career, but he can no longer jump. 
Therefore he only partakes in dressage. 
The autumn of 2004 began with shows and a competition for first and second level dressage, in 2 states, he ranked first place honorably. 

In spring 2005 he was National Champion on the second level.
Autumn at third level was when he was elected USA DRESSAGE CHAMPION. 
In March 2006 in Wellington, Florida, he took 3rd at an International RATED SHOW. on another level. 
Then in April, he took second place in a national competition at level 3, taking second place in both.

In the U.S., he was enrolled as a school horse at level 4. He was released of competition at level 3. His permanent desire to please and calm allows us now to work without stress. He is very friendly towards humans, and showed "great gallantry" toward the mares. At horse competitions and shows, he has unfortunately never lived in herds, the projections are therefore in hand. he's always very charming and has great respect for mares. Like most Curlies, Splashes has never been shod.

Good to know

Fondation Fondation Dress : BAY TOBIANO gris gene / spots Bare foot Mental : 2/10 Horse level : Advanced training Rider level : Confirmed : Disciplines : Show Jumping Training Endurance Reproduction

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: Gris, spot : :