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*CAPTAIN MAG OF JAK (sold swizer)

Called "ZOULOU"

4200 € excl. taxes ( 20% ) Gender : Male Birth date : 09 mai 2012 (8 Years) Place of birth : JAK CURLY Final size : 130 cm ICHO : 1574D : - :


Interesting conformation. Very intelligent, loves to be close the human, suitable as horse company / family.

He can adapt to all diciplines. Currently got used to classical saddle to our riding school
Very curly, he keep long main and tail all year round.


Our little Zoulou is a superb CURLY HYPOALLERGENIC pony. He has a big heart and thrives on attention.This courageous gelding is a go-getter and is not afraid of anything. He has a beautiful personality; uncomplicated and sincere. 

He worked for a long time in our riding school.He participated in long-term, very long treks (2 or 3 days) cross country and jumping with children aged from 5 to 13 years.We have also used him successfully in EQUITHERAPY. 

He has a pretty curly coat and generous mane and tail all year round. 

He lives out all year round with other ponies.

Good to know

Color : BAI Bare foot Mental : 2/10 Horse level : Advanced training Rider level : Any levels : Disciplines : Show Jumping Hiking Leisure/Family