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Called "GAWANN"

3200 € excl. taxes ( + TVA 10% élevage-breeding / 20% Privé-private ) Gender : Male Birth date : 01 avril 2016 (4 Years) Place of birth : JAK CURLY Final size : 128/130 cm - Actuel size : 125 cm ICHO : 1951D SIRE : 16327085S Others :


has to be broken


Fantastic pony with a very interesting conformation. 

About the "LANDAIS PONY" : Accoring to the purists the LANDAIS is a "Copy of the pure blooded Arabs", height betzeen 118-147cm. 
Today no more than 1000 exist in France. 
A square head, small ears and a forward poinitng head, sloping shoulders and a short straight back. 
The pony existed in two lines, the 'pine' pony (now extinct)
ideal conformation, adapted to live in coastal sand dunes 
and the "Barthais" pony hwo has a bigger build he evolved to live in the swamps of Landes. 
Today breeders are trying to bring back the 'pine' pony by using the 'Barthais' ponies and Arabs to refine the bloodlines.
JAK is convinced that crossing CURLY'S and LANDAIS' it will bring joy to those who enjoy sports ponies.

suitable as horse company / family

Good to know

Dress : BLACK Bare foot Mental : 2/10 Horse level : Unbroken : Disciplines : Hiking Leisure/Family Hippotherapy


*GAWANI ITEO OF JAK -<-hongre- *GAWANI ITEO OF JAK -<-hongre-