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3900 € excl. taxes ( 20% ) Gender : Male Birth date : 10 mai 2017 (4 Years) Place of birth : JAK Final size : 107/109 cm - Actuel size : 100 cm :




This little gelding hypoallergenic curly pony is a perfect clown. He is known as Little Mimi and he gets on with everyone. So far he has been worked in hand and he loves nothing better than walks with children on the leading rein. His training started in the autumn 2020 and he has been backed a few times but needs more work.  However, all the signs are that he will develop into a good sure-footed riding pony. Alternatively he could be trained to harness, for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Little Mimi is a Curly/Shetland mix and has splendid Shetland papers from his dam. The combination has led to not only good conformation and a perfect size, but a beautiful curly coat and generous tail and mane. 

He lives out happily with another stallion. 

We believe that it is important to continue the curly line in mini ponies with a typical stable temperament perfect for toddlers. 


Good to know

Color : GRULLO TOBIANO Bare foot Mental : 1 Horse level : Advanced training Rider level : Any levels : Disciplines : Leisure/Family Hippotherapy Reproduction