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KWANITA B ATI OF JAK (will be +-160cm)

6300 € excl. taxes ( + TVA 10% ) Gender : Female Birth date : 28 juin 2020 (9 Month) Place of birth : JAK CURLY Final size : 158/160 cm :


This superb filly is the issue of our stallion JAK ATILA SPLASHES, who is the son of the USA Dressage Champion: BCF Sparctacular Splashes and her dam who has Danish thoroughbred in her bloodline. She is therefore likely to attain a good size like her sister, Hanhinga and brother Jays Waken; both +-160 cms. Also like them, she has inherited a gentle and friendly nature. Kwanita can be a little shy but she has grown up close to her mother and the other foals and is integrated well in the herd. She will be naturally weaned very soon.

We have never been disappointed with the issue of Atila and Barcode's.We are very happy with this union!
At this time we are not really persuaded to want to sale her...

Good to know

Color : BLACK TOBIANO Bare foot :


KWANITA B ATI OF JAK (will be +-160cm) KWANITA B ATI OF JAK (will be +-160cm)