At JAK, in addition to imposing a quality in our breeding, we want to make them accessible to all. 
That's why we chose the nearby Rennes, Nantes and Paris (Airport). Curly farming practices demand access to horse enthusiasts and also to persons (whether or not allergic), wishing to come into contact with curly. Today, livestock JAK has +-20 curly broodmares, 2 classic curly stallions, 2 gaited Missoury foxtrotter curly stallions and 2 culy pony stallions.

Les Haras Nationaux (the french studd) agree to recognize the race, this issue is underway, in partnership with associations ICHO (USA) 






We also offer to receive allergy sufferers for a contact test. This is done on Saturday morning at 10:30 am.

The principle: A horse curly is isolated away from any allergenic risk (hay, dust ...).
The allergic person will follow a protocol of approach: we will move away from the stud, as it progresses he/she will approach the curly, the goal being that it enters with him in loin.

The person must imperatively get his medication, it is advised to leave the Stud at the end of the test, take a shower if possible and/or change clothes. The test takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

If this 1st test concludes, the curly elected will be the mount of the allergic person for his 1st course or his first setting in saddle. If there has been a significant reaction and according to the will of the person, the test will be renewed at another time with another subject.