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International Curly Horse Organization: all types of curly from subjects not having the characteristics recorded curly types Sport ICHO is divided into several branches according to the capabilities of the horse, eg western, pony, sport.
Extrait ICHO of the charter : preserving, protecting and promote the curly horse in the world ... to encourage the selective breeding to improve the quality of the race ... ... international research on the phenomenon of curly HYPOALLERGENIC. provide the best services to association members. 

ICHO was quickly partnered with one of the first European imports of curly horses.

Allergic, the German Gabrielle Kaërcher would develop research with the University of Aachen on hypoallergenic hair, which will be followed in many other countries ...





Curly Sport Horse International is a young register (2004) that promotes a selection of Curly horses suitable for Olympic disciplines, and devotes all its efforts to the development and promotion of hypoallergenic sports horses.

Its mission is to help the owners and breeders of sports Curlies in their efforts to produce the best horses possible, train them, promote and market their horses in equestrian sports such as dressage, jumping, hitching, etc..


To be registered, the Curlies must be certified and approved by a judge recognized by the Equestrian Federations.



Curly American Curly Registry nearest to the line Damele the first stud book was opened in 1972. His name is the American Bashkir Curly Registry.

It lays the foundation for classifications of curlies on crimps and ancestry. At this time, new lines of curly appeared, types of horses including Appaloosa influences, Thoroughbred, Quarter-Horse, Arab blood supply ...

Following a premature closure of the ABCR's original books, leading to dramatic consanguinity and downsizing, a second studbook was created in 2000, the International Curly Horse Organization, and the North American Curly Horse register.

More open, this register becomes the one for the breeders of sport horses and Europeans.