The Curly horses genetic


Scientific reflections are justified on this race very separately. The Curly is a horse with curly hair (to different degrees) and so-called hypoallergenic.


The gene responsible for the curly hair has been found in a recessive form in other breeds (Quarter - Percheron - Arab - Appaloosa - Missoury Fox trotters, ...) without however bringing the hypoallergenic asset.

US scientists have begun further research to find out why these curly horses have fewer allergens than other horses, which is a boon for many allergic riders.


The curl of a horse is hereditary. These are genes, dominant or recessive, grouped in pairs and inherited from both parents that will influence the curl of the dress of the foal to be born. These genes can be combined in three different ways:
- Two dominant genes = dominant homozygote
- Two recessive genes = homozygous recessive
- A mixed pair = heterozygous
A dominant gene masks the presence of any recessive gene, so it is the dominant gene that will be visible, it is said that it expresses itself.
In contrast, a recessive gene is only expressed if it is associated with another recessive gene.


Most of the time the extremes are the result of curly horse with dominant gene, not especially extreme.

They are very interesting for the world of breeding. Their result keep most of the time tails and manes, which help to sale compare to a horse bare or without horsehair. This leads us to think that extremes are homozygous for loops and hypoallergenism.


At birth, the extremes are very curly (very dense crimping and very long hair). When the curly is not totally nude (Like our Shadow), their summer hair is soft. On the other hand, the hairs inside their ears are curly and abundant all year round. Their eyelashes are very curved and can even sometimes form a loop.


The extremes are famous for being very nice, and we confirm this opinion ! They are often not presentable their first 2 years, often poorly proportioned, they grow in all directions.


Arrived at their maturity, they are the most beautiful Curly that are known for being very comfortable to ride, and have light and rhythmic paces with the bonus of the golden mind that is known to them.