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Our partners

Jak Equita

The JAK team proposes to welcome children from 2 to 4 years old with a parent, for an activity of awakening where the child will evolve next to his pony, and where over the sessions, can mount it. He will brush it, feed him, talk to him, ...

Curly horse

The US registry of ICHO welcomes all curly horses. The NACHR can be used to produce Curly genetics with sometimes a different purpose than that of the breed.

France Curly

Genetics of the Curly horse. Developing genetic knowledge on the Curly horse is the first goal of ICHO. (International Curly Horse Org). The ICHO NACHR Registry lists all horses carrying gene (s).

Flora Lake Curly Horses

We are a small Curly Horse farm located 15 minutes from Kitchener / Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.