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13500 € excl. taxes ( 5,5% ou 20% ) Gender : Female Birth date : 27 mai 2017 (7 Years) Place of birth : FRANCE ICHO : 2463 D SIRE : 17790501 Y :

Daughter of one of our ex Gaited mares, Maker A Blondy by Sir Patrick MJT line, one of the founders of the ICHO register (6 D), and Corigan de Findil by Angel's Spirit.


Registered in France by IFCE CURLY

PSSM Negative


Since 01/01/2023, activities related to breeding (Breeding sales, stud fees and breeding accommodation) are subject to the reduced rate of 5.5% instead of 10%. If you intend to reproduce, you will have to sign a certificate archived by us.

For any other destination the rate of 20% is applicable.


Good basic training. Harmony enjoys hiking, but also working.

She was ridden exclusively by young riders.

Solid and carrying mare. Sure-footed on all terrains. However, you have to watch your "greedy" side at the risk of staying on site to maintain the sides of the paths!

She has a good mind, attentive, and very close to the man.


Please more on our French page (with a translator ????)


Video of her training at your disposal

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